Beauty and Skin Treatment

When you are bugged by the problems of wrinkles, creases, lines and crow’s feet or loose, sagging skin that make you look old and haggard, you can take the help of age reversing cosmetic surgery procedures to lift your skin and smooth out wrinkles.

Beauty and skin treatment of this kind can either be invasive or minimally invasive and can make you look 10 to 15 years younger. Following are a few common cosmetic anti ageing procedures you can check out to restore your youthful looks.

This is one beauty and skin treatment that smoothes out deep set creases by paralysing skeletal muscle tissue. Botox shots that paralyse static wrinkling muscles make use of purified botulism toxin. Botox is commonly applied to the glabellas and forehead to relax, iron out and smooth corrugator muscles, which produce furrows on your forehead and brow.

Botox shots are also applied for remedying laughter lines around your mouth and nose, for curing crow’s feet around your eyes and in the tear trough and lower eyelid zones for improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

It may take three days to 14 days for the improvements to be noticeable.


This is another cosmetic surgery procedure on how to eliminates excess fat deposits that usually lodged in between muscle and skin through a stainless steel cannula attached to a vacuum/suction pump. This beauty and skin treatment is ideal for sculpting your body contour and for eliminating cellulite and fat from abs, butts, thighs, back and upper arms.


Facelifts are restorative and invasive cosmetic surgery procedures that literally lift your face, sagging jowls, loose hanging skin and drooping eyelids and eliminate double chin, creases, deep set lines and wrinkles or a deeply furrowed brow to knock off two decades from your face.

Facelift surgeries are often combined with eyelid surgery and brow lift to rejuvenate, redraw, redrape and reshape your entire face. Minimally invasive or non invasive facelifts aren’t as effective as fully invasive facelifts.

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulaze cellulite reduction is a minimally invasive beauty and skin treatment that makes use of fiber optic laser and heat for levelling bumps and dimples and for releasing fibrous bands of connective tissues. Collagen growth is also boosted in the target areas which lead to healthier looking smooth skin.

This process is effective for removing cellulite from your abs, buttocks, thighs and upper arms and may be combined with liposuction to sculpt your body. You can expect a fifty to sixty percent cellulite reduction over a period of 3 months to 2 years.

Fat Cavitation

Fat Cavitation or Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine also known as non invasive ultrasonic fat removal beauty and skin treatment refers to a medical breakthrough that breaks down cellulite and fat cells selectively by using radio frequency energy and biocavitational ultrasound waves. This technique does not affect neighbouring cells and body organs.

The dispersed fat cells are purged out by the body through the liver, lymphatic drainage and urinary systems. You may require three to 12 sessions to get rid of all the unwanted fat and cellulite from your problem areas.