We do need proof that any new treatment works, but when this treatment is safe and there are no better alternative, it is appropriate to try it before definitive proof is available. Anti wrinkle injections is most famous for it's ability to smooth frown lines on aging foreheads, but the drug has long been used to treat neck spasms, eye muscle disorders and excessive underarm sweating. Except the most popular brand, there are a number of brands currently on offer at clinics. All work in the same way, by blocking the signal from the nerve to the muscle and each surgeon tends to have their preferred brands. However, Dr. Jain is keen to remind people looking to invest in cosmetic treatments in 2010 that beauty isn't just skin deep, but requires improvements in other areas too such as from maintaining a health diet and exercising regularly to really maximise results. According to the multi-award winning specialist, the two most important beauty tips for achieving soft, supple and revitalised skin are usually the ones that are forgotten by the majority of patients.

Anti wrinkle treatments and fillers can only go so far and patients must always remember to keep hydrated if they want to achieve the very best from their treatments and skin care routines. Many are surprised to learn that the skin requires more hydration in the winter because the combination of indoor heating and cold weather can dry out the skin. Also, everyone should be wearing sun cream everyday, both in winter and the summer, a minimum of spf30 should be worn come rain or shine, even in the snow, to prevent harmful rays from damaging the skin's surface. The less damaged the skin is, the less work we need to do," says dr jain. Dr jain is the medical director at riverbanks clinic who carried out the surveys. Readers' comments. Add your comments.

Modern techniques are very powerful in amplifying and detecting even trace amounts of substance. The question is, does it have an effect? the answer is: most definitely not. Besides the fact that it only works on cholinergic (mostly muscle) neurons, it wears off in a few months. Furthermore, it has very little effect, even at modest levels. Only at higher concentrations can you delay the synaptic transmission to decrease muscle contraction. All of the reported problems have occured with very high doses used by neurologists for muscle spasms in the back, etc or when people used stuff illegally smuggled into the country. Those problems were due to effect on the muscles (decreased ability to breathe), not the brain. Basically the article is hype.

According to the november 2006 issue of o magazine, when injected toxin smooths lines by 'blocking nerve impulses that trigger wrinkle-causing muscle contractions'. Unfortunately, the results wear off after three to six months and at a cost of $300, that can become a pricey addiction. A recent study suggests women who get the treatment starting in their late 20s develop fewer wrinkles than women who age naturally. The national study (probably funded by the pharmaceutical company that creates it) used twins in their experiment. The found the twin who got anti-wrinkle injections in her mid-20s developed fewer lines than her sister. Anti wrinkle injections in Brisbane is becoming increasingly more popular. In november, 2006, the Gold Coast Times reported a clinic that offers anti wrinkle injections has opened in a dallas mall. Expect more of these to crop up over the next year or so on the Gold Coast.

Anti wrinkle treatment is a common. For people with cerebral palsy, and it has helped many people get past the. And allow their bodies to function better. Even more surprising, it was invented to help people with crossed eyes and uncontrollable blinking. When doctors noticed the lines around these patients' eyes were softening and even fading, a booming cosmetic industry was born. Still, it made me nervous, but if it is was going to help my son learn to walk, then i needed to get over it. My friends didn't believe me when I told them my son was getting injected. In my compensatory way, i joked he'd go in a two-year-old and come out a one-year old. My husband is analytical by nature and was much quicker to consent to the treatment than i was. We both agreed that nothing in our lives had prepared us for this and that parenting is like a series of curveballs thrown to make sure you're paying attention.

The compound of anti wrinkle treatment is safe when injected beneath the skin and it works by weakening or paralyzing muscles or blocking nerves, thus causing wrinkles and lines to be less visible. The effects last about three to four months. But according to the food and drug administration, side effects can include pain at the injection site, flulike symptoms, headache and upset stomach. Part of the reason there is so little research about cosmetic procedures during pregnancy is that in order to weigh the effects of the process, doctors and scientists would have to actually perform the procedures on pregnant women, said roxanne guy, the former president of the american society of plastic surgeons.