What is Anti Wrinkle Party?

If an eye popping article in the Herald Sun (an Australian publication) is to be believed, a recent Aussie trend that has taken the social circles in Melbourne by storm is ‘Tupperware style Auti-Wrinkle parties’ where women gather with their cronies for gossip, champagne and anti wrinkle injections in a social get together, usually hosted by cosmetic surgeons or celebs. This highly popular social trend has caught on wildly in other Aussie cities and towns as

Reception by Medical Professionals

However, many Australian physicians are not amused by these ‘lounge room lifting sessions’ and feel that a anti wrinkle party trivialises a serious medical procedure. They feel that women receiving anti wrinkle injections should be treated as patients, not party animals, and the procedure should take place in a clinic or doctor’s office or in a hospital setting under expert and careful medical supervision.

If it is not properly injected, which is highly likely in a wild party atmosphere with babes and champagne, the recipient/s may face facial paralysis. Many Australian cosmetic surgeons, worried by this casual approach and dangerous trend have campaigned for a ban on anti wrinkle parties to save the lives and faces of patients.

Price and Availability

An anti wrinkle injection in Australia can cost anywhere between $300 and $750 per person. Anti wrinkle parties are often hosted by leading Australian physicians for stimulating their cosmetic surgery business.

Because you receive a jab along with other women in a fun social setting (many female patients are encouraged by their physicians to bring along a group of friends who can fix up their faces as well), you don’t have to pay the premium price for each of the sessions quoted above

Some Australian cosmetic surgeons bill a anti wrinkle party as a ‘fun night out for the girls’ and unethically lure women to the parties they host with lucky door awards and prizes sponsored by plastic surgery companies.

Other physicians and critics are of the opinion that a party like this is a serious breach of medical ethics and call the practice unprofessional. Many GPs offer free injections to the party going women in the form of a door prize while the treatment is sponsored by the doctor’s suppliers.

Anti wrinkle parties (where women can get injections at a much cheaper rate) and anti-wrinkle treatment addiction are extremely common and popular all over Australia, but they have reached a fever pitch in Melbourne. Part of the craze has been fuelled by celebrity endorsements and women in their forties and fifties (even in their twenties) are thronging these parties by droves to get injectinos at affordable prices along with their crazy buddies.

As a parting piece of advice, women intending to get injections at anti wrinkle parties are requested to get a second opinion from a trusted physician, discuss the pros and cons of the treatment and explore all the other alternative therapies (such as dermal fillers) as well before blindly rushing into a anti-wrinkle party to get themselves injected.