What are Dermal Filler Treatments?

Dermal Fillers Treatments have become very popular with mature women in the past few years. The main use for these products is rectification of deep set laughter lines, severe skin folds and facial wrinkles, crow's feet and lines that make you appear aged.

These highly effective anti ageing products endow the wrinkled areas of your face with fullness by plumping them and add volume to smooth out the folds and creases. Patients above 21 years of age can use it for plumping up their lips.

Things You Should Know Before Heading for a Dermal Fillers Injection

Dermal fillers injections help to improve facial features, sculpt lips, smooth out wrinkles and deep creases, fade the appearance of laughter lines and preserve the effects for more than 6 months, which make it a long lasting treatment.

Dermal Filler injections are often combined with lip lifting cosmetic procedures, though it also serves as a standalone anti ageing treatment for women aged between thirty five and sixty. This is a day procedure, requiring not more than a few minutes to half an hour for one session and involves a little bit of discomfort and pain while it is being injected with a needle.

The substance dermal fillers refer to an acid obtained from naturally occurring sugar compounds that looks like a transparent and clear gel like liquid. The acid used here is derived from non animal sources.

Your physician will prepare the target area/s for injections by applying antiseptic. He needs to be very careful about the exact quantity that needs to be injected. Then this filler will be injected into your skin.

The water present in the acid plumps up the sub-surface beneath the skin while the it keeps the water in place for preserving the renewed skin volume.


Dermal Fillers Injection effectively rectify deep set wrinkles (80 percent reduction in deep wrinkles) that cannot be erased with MicroDermabrasion or chemical peels. This treatment is a temporary solution and you will have to schedule follow up treatments in about six months. It takes around a week for the improved results to show visibly.

Side Effects

Dermal Filler Injections have a few minor side effects such as pain and redness at the site of injection, flu like syndromes, nausea and headache or muscle weakness which is rare. But these symptoms diminish in a few days.


Hospitals, day spas, medical spas, cosmetic surgery clinics and doctor's offices offer dermal fillers treatment along with a host of other cosmetic surgery procedures. Try to consult a plastic/cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist who has extensive experience and knowledge regarding specific administration.


Dermal Fillers are super expensive, requiring about $350 to $800 for every shot, depending on how many areas need to be plumped out. If you have opted for injections simply for cosmetic, age reversal purposes, your health insurance will not cover the treatment. But if it is a medical necessity, your insurance may cover it partially. Otherwise you can opt for affordable monthly payments or financing options.