All about the Detox Box

When your internal body system needs a spring clean, but you cannot afford to do a full blown body detoxification at a medical spa because of the time or expenses involved, you can invest in an at home detox box that is available dime a dozen in online stores and brick and mortar shops at affordable rates. Detox boxes like these allow you to perform an internal spring clean and address digestive issues, constipation, bloating, flatulence, lack of appetite and energy and general ill health.

The original detox box was created by Dr. Mark Hyman and was designed as an at home programme for restoring energy levels, boosting immunity, removing allergens and toxins and for a safe and effective spring cleaning of your internal organs. These programmes can be completed in 21 days, 14 days or 7 days. Many detox programmes like these also advocate yoga practices and other physical activities to aid the detoxification process.

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General Functions of a Detox Box

Detox boxes help to improve overall body health, strengthen your immune system, facilitate weight loss, assist in gaining energy and deliver all the other benefits of a detoxification routine.

How Does It Work?

A stressful lifestyle combined with medicine intake, unhealthy eating habits and unbalanced junk diets take a toll on your internal organs which can no longer purge waste materials from your body effectively. This incomplete elimination of excreta leads to the formation of mucous plaque that prevents absorption of vital nutrients that you get from food.

A natural and safe detoxification cleanses your system, removes the harmful mucous plaque, restores your digestive system balance and harmonises your gall bladder, pancreas, liver, kidneys, intestines and stomach.

Most detox boxes concentrate on cleansing the colon to restore the body’s waste removal system and this eliminates or reduces many of your niggling infections, sicknesses, pains and aches. You can achieve weight loss, renewed vigour and energy and younger looking, glowing healthy skin.

What Does A Detox Box Contain?

The ingredients inside detox boxes vary greatly depending on the brand and the price. But the common ingredients are usually enema kits for emptying out your bowels, psyllium husk powder for facilitating clear bowel movements, mixture of psyllium husk and bentonite powder, probiotic capsules for aiding healthy digestion, super enzyme capsules for correcting digestive disorders, measurement spoons, instructional CDs or DVDs, progress trackers, flash cards, questionnaires and instructional leaflets or instructional books that provide a step by step guide for easy understanding.

Price and Availability

A detox box generally sells for $14 to $16 in supermarkets, pharmacy shops and departmental grocery stores. But some detox boxes may cost up to $50 – 60 (free shipping when you order online).

You can purchase detox boxes from online stores as well, if these are not available in your area of residence, but you will have to pay extra shipping charges. Almost all the reputed online retailers as well as online health stores stock detox boxes, so availability shouldn’t be a problem.

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