All About Face Lifts

Face lifts are invasive or minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures used for redraping facial skin, tightening loose muscles and removing excess facial fat – all with the intention of making the patient look several years younger. Rhytidectomy or a face lift is the only effective treatment procedure that can actually lift and tighten loose, ageing skin, double chins, sagging jowls and sagging skin on the face and neck. Facelifts are sometimes combined with brow lift and eyelid surgery to reshape your entire face.

Face lifts are usually performed on people in their 60s, 50s and late 40s. There are different types of surgical facelift options available in the market.

Feather or Thread Lift

Sub surface sutures such as Silhouette, APTOS and Contour are used in a thread lift to pull up sagging skin in 40 something patients.

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Quick Lift and MACS Lift

The invasiveness, recovery period and risks of these modified S Lift technique are lesser compared to conventional facelifts, but more than what you will experience with S Lift surgery. Ideal for 40 something patients with moderate/mild sagging skin, these processes are combined with platysmaplasty for lasting results.

S Lift

This is a kind of modified mini facelift where the incision resembles the shape ‘S’. It makes use of short incisions and lets you recover quickly. You are an ideal candidate for S lifts if you suffer from mildly sagging skin on your jaw line.

Mini Facelift

Slightly younger patients with mild to moderate sagging/looseness but with good elasticity of skin can opt for mini surgical facelifts which use smaller incisions and do not dissect the skin. Patients can recover much faster compared to full blown traditional facelifts.

Traditional Facelift

Hairline incisions from ear to ear, dissection of the skin, lifting and repositioning of the underlying muscle layer through sutures, muscle tightening, removal of excess skin and closure of the incisions are the different steps of traditional facelifts performed by cosmetic surgeons to lift the neck and lower face.

Other surgical face lifts performed by cosmetic surgeons are skin only cutaneous facelifts, superficial musculo aponeurotic system facelift, temporal facelift, deep plane facelift, neck lift, mid-face lift and sub-periosteal face lift.

Non Invasive Facelifts - Ultrasound Therapy

If you want to tighten your jaw line, eyes and the face minus a surgical facelift, you can take the help of Ultherapy that uses ultrasound technology to tighten your sagging skin. Focused ultrasound waves are administered on targeted sections of the face and neck (which have been numbed previously) for stimulating new protein substance growth.

The process does not take longer than two hours to complete and side effects are confined to minor tingling sensations, temporary redness and motor nerve weakness. Most patients do not experience any side effects, but display visibly marked improvement within 6 months. Ultherapy is not ideal for extremely loose and sagging skin.

Other non surgical, non invasive face lifts that are practised include silhouette facelift, Thermage skin treatment, Microcurrent therapy, Titan skin treatment, resurfacing/peel procedures, volume replacement therapy, laser therapy and energy transfer treatments.