What is IPL Treatment?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or flashlamp therapy tackles skin problems like vascular lesions including broken facial veins and rosacea, freckles and age spots, wrinkles and unwanted hair permanently and effectively. A good alternative to going to beauty parlors or applying expensive creams lifelong, IPL systems penetrate the skin and target the specific skin problem.

IPL works on all the areas of face and body to give you freedom from unwanted hair and skin problems. Both men and women can choose a glowing, problem-free skin with IPL. IPL treatment is more suited to the Australian skin type since the hair follicle destruction works better on light skins and dark hair color.

The light used by IPL is scattered and with multiple wavelengths as compared to standard lasers that have a single wavelength and are generally used to treat one skin problem. IPL uses specific lamps and capacitors discharging high intensity light in short pulses.

The part of the body that requires treatment is applied focused and broad spectrum light. This light goes to the dermis or lower layer of skin rather than epidermis or upper layer, thus coming in contact with melanin that affects the skin and hair color. The light is then automatically converted into heat energy.

Photoepilation or IPL treatment is a popular option for unwanted and embarrassing facial hair although it does not remove hair permanently but reduces hair permanently. IPL also prevents future acne breakout by destroying acne causing bacteria with pulsed light precision. Consult your problem with

Inexpensive and quick

Offering the dual benefits of saving time and money, IPL hair removal and photorejuvenation or photofacial reverses the ageing process and minimizes the skin irregularities like hyperpigmentation and birthmarks. You can stop feeling conscious about stretch marks, scars, unwanted facial and body hair, fine lines and wrinkles and enhance your complexion with the radiance of even skin tone. As compared to laser hair removal, IPL is a faster and cheaper option.


IPL is a painless treatment where you could, at the most, feel very little pain or no pain at all with tiny pricks giving your skin a new look. This is not a traditional laser treatment. IPL uses specific wavelengths of light for a beautiful looking skin.

Side effects

Even right after the treatment, you may resume your daily chores too with an improved complexion as it has the least risk of side effects. However the skin irritation is a side effect whereby redness, itchiness and stinging sensation is quite common. Remember to apply a high SPF sunscreen as your skin would be more prone to skin damage.

The results of IPL treatment are long-term or permanent, whether you go for one or two sessions or continuous treatment. Restoring the skin’s supple and youthful quality, IPL treatment helps in enhancing self-esteem and gives you the confidence to enjoy social gatherings. With people following an active lifestyle, the benefit of IPL treatment will give you low risk of side effects.