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What is Liposuction?

Facial liposuction is the process of removing excess fat from the various target spots on the neck and face and is combined with neck lifts and face lifts to reverse the age clock and endow the patient with a much more youthful, wrinkle free, tighter face and neck. Of course facial liposuction is performed with the help of finer surgical instruments and is a more delicate surgical procedure compared to liposuction of the thighs, buttocks, belly or the waist.

Facial Liposuction

During a facial liposuction process, the cosmetic surgeon makes a very small incision under the chin usually for removing excess fat from the entire neck region and chin area. The fat is removed with a small cannula and sucked out through an attached suction apparatus till the neck and chin areas reach optimal definition.

Sometimes liposuction makes use of ultrasonic probes that break up the fat into small pieces (a process known as emulsification) and then the suction apparatus sucks out the broken down fat bobbles.

Although liposuction is more than enough to reduce excess fat from different parts of the body, a facial liposuction by itself cannot lift droopy, sagging skin or rectify lack of elasticity problems. This is why, facial liposuction is usually combined with a neck lift and a face lift surgery to define, redraw and reshape the facial contour and to knock off 10-15 years off your face.

Localised Fat Removal

Liposuction helps in reshaping your body and is not intended as a quick fix weight loss tool for obese individuals. It cannot remove stretch marks, dimples or cellulite (on your thighs).

Liposuction can also be performed on the back, arms, calves, hips and abdomen for removal of localised fat. Liposuction is also an effective treatment for correcting gynaecomastia problems in men with well defined chests (that look more like female breasts) and for removal of lipomas or fat tumours.

Regardless of whether it is for cosmetic body reshaping or for more serious problems, liposuction is a surgical procedure that has to be performed by a licensed physician or dermatologist or cosmetic/plastic surgeon in a clean clinic, doctor’s office, hospital or surgical centre. You may try Fat Cavitation to remove unwanted fats in your body.

A beautician/salon professional or aesthetician does not possess the knowledge, surgical training, skill or experience to perform a liposuction in a weight loss clinic or beauty salon; therefore beware of quacks.

Liposuction Alternatives

There are alternatives to liposuction that are much cheaper, but you have to take recourse to a healthy diet plan, lifestyle modification and a regular exercise programme to make the results last.


This is a radiofrequency deep penetration alternative treatment for small scale liposuction. It requires 6 to 8 sessions that have to be taken at 1 or 2 week intervals. It is best for spot reduction in the lower face, jowls, neck tightening and for correcting muffin tops, saddle bags and tyres of fat hanging from the belly.

VelaShape and VelaSmooth

It makes use of a massage roller, infrared light and radiofrequency along with massage and suction elements for tightening and shrinking fat cells.

The other alternatives to liposuction are cool sculpting (cryolipolysis and apoptosis), lipodissolve, Body by Thermage, laser liposuction and Fat Cavitation Machine. Fat Cavitation