About IPL Hair Removal

Medical science has been able to make crucial breakthroughs because of the strides made in the realm of information technology. All stakeholders in the medical fraternity make good use of software technology for diagnosis and treatment of complicated medical conditions, for operative and surgical processes, and for all other functionalities.

In this regard, laser technology is increasingly being used for uprooting and removing undesired hair by both men and women. One variant of this is technology that also uses laser rays is known as the IPL hair removal technique. IPL stands for intense pulsed light. It is gaining in popularity with every passing day because of some inherent benefits and is preferred over laser hair removal technology.

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Benefits of IPL hair removal technique

Unlike laser removal mechanism, IPL hair removal technology makes use of some explicit wavelengths that are ideal for assimilation by the melanin pigmentation in a hair strand. Since it uses specific wavelengths, the trauma caused to the skin is minimal. The IPL technique is particularly safe for people with dark skins who have high melanin content.

The method certainly scores over electrolysis that is costlier, painful and leave you with skin abrasions. Unfortunately, the IPL process is not suitable for people who have white, red or grey hairs as the technique works on skins with high melanin content.

Hirsute men and women can expect to get rid of nearly 78% of hair in a particular area within six months if the IPL hair removal treatment is taken every six weeks or so. On an overall basis, it works out to be cheaper than laser treatment method or electrolysis.

Moreover, the IPL procedure is also less painful as it uses specific wavelengths unlike the laser technology that uses a larger bandwidth that traumatizes your skin. Hair removal is much more effective. For best results, you'd need to arrive at the treatment clinic, clean shaved.

It will be better for you to shave your beard, or shave hair from the area or areas that you want to be treated, or else you’ll have to pay for it. Treatment clinics will charge extra for shaving the hair prior to the treatment. So this technique is perfect for both men and women, who are hairy as the results are very long term.

The Modus Operandi

An intensely focused beam of light is directed to the epidermis through a hand-held gun or an articulated device. The beam of light travels underneath the skin until it hits the hair root or bulb where there is a high concentration of melanin.

Light energy is transformed into heat energy that results in the hair shaft along with the root being singed. The heat that gets radiated also ends up killing the hair follicle.

Contrary to the prevailing beliefs, IPL procedures do not result in permanent hair removal but is effective in permanent hair reduction. That in essence, the IPL procedure will result in permanent or long term reduction of total outgrowth of hair in the body but will not lead to permanent hair removal.